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Meet our Educator Leaders

Our Educator Leaders are a passionate group of educators who have seen Read to Lead's impact in their classrooms. These educators want to connect with a global educator community, receive special opportunities and PD with Read to Lead and provide valuable teacher-feedback to our product team.

Why join the Educator Leaders?

  • Join a network of passionate educators

    Connect and collaborate with other Read to Lead educators from around the country. Share your voice and perspective with our product team, and be a part of the future of the Read to Lead platform.

  • Distinguish yourself as a leader

    Get the opportunity to speak at conferences, webinars, and be featured in thought-partnerships like case-studies and blogs. You get special access to instructional coaches and a variety of PD sessions throughout the school year.

  • Create moments of joy in your classroom

    Get specialized Read to Lead training materials as well as our legendary swag for you, your students, and any teachers you refer to Read to Lead!

Interested in becoming an Educator Leader?

Apply here

Are you curious about our group of Ed Leaders and its members' responsibilities?

Email Kwamara at for more details.

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