Summer Reading in Middle School

Summer reading is here. Across the country teachers are faced with selecting which books to assign their classes over the summer. Generally this consists of a list of grade-level specific books, and a book report or project that allows reading comprehension to be assessed. But why does it seem like even the most engaged learner isn’t excited about reading over the summer? It’s time to mix things up!

Read to Lead’s immersive literacy learning games are not your traditional books, but they sure will get students reading! Choose from grade-level specific learning games on the platform, and with each game completed, students rack up approximately 5,000 words read. Best part? They can see where they stand on the nation-wide leader board!

During each immersive “day at work” students read closely, think critically, and make complex decisions in addition to allowing students to interact with diverse characters and learn more about different careers. The program is designed to meet anchor standards and is catered to the Lexile range for each grade. 

Let’s break it down… here’s our top 4 reasons to use Read to Lead for summer reading programs: 

#1 Elevate Student Choice 🙋🏽‍♀️

There’s no better way to boost student agency than making them the protagonist of their own story. Invite students to “be the boss” in a virtual workplace scenario and deepen learning with culturally relevant, rigorous, and immersive learning games. 

#2 Track Student Progress in Real-Time 📈

Confidently meet students’ learning needs using real-time progress and CCSS-aligned formative assessments. Even though you’re not physically with them over the summer, you’ll know where they stand. Plus, reach every learner with accessibility tools designed for the whole classroom.

#3 Use Project Based Learning 🌎

Choose from a library of literacy learning games, lessons, discussion prompts, and enrichment projects aligned to Common Core Standards for students to complete over the summer or when they return to school. Goodbye book reports, hello real-world application and discovery!

#4 Boost SEL Skills 💙

During each game, students will practice self and social awareness and responsible decision making as they lead a diverse team and solve complex problems. Best part? Students are so immersed in the decision-making that they don’t even realize they are reading! 

How’s that for summer reading done differently? Ready to give it a whirl?  Sign up for a free account to get your class up and running for the summer! ☀️

About Read to Lead

Read to Lead uses the power of game-based learning to empower middle school students to build literacy, life, and career skills. Teachers can sign up for a free account to get started!