Teachers, you asked, we made it happen! Over the summer we’ve been hard at work taking your feedback and ideas to make Read to Lead even more impactful for your class this year. 🎊

So what’s new in game based learning on the platform? 

Deepen student engagement with Badges!

As students play Read to Lead’s learning games, they now have the opportunity to earn digital badges that recognize development of a particular competency. Badges are centered around engagement, literacy, SEL, and career skills. Watch as students earn badges, track their success, and are more motivated than ever to continue reading and leading! 

Level-up project based learning with Quests! 

To deepen the learning from immersive game-play, we’ve added Quests which offer project-based learning experiences that allow students to dig deeper, learn more about themselves, and solve complex problems. Students will have the opportunity to take a strengths finder test, create a vision board, and so much more!

Invite students to be the boss in our newest learning game!

Drum roll please….. a brand new game series is coming soon. This summer, we collaborated with Blackrock’s Financial Inclusion team to create a new learning game that immerses students in the day-in-the-life of an Asset Manager. Students are sent on an important mission to take on the role of the “boss” as they read closely, make complex decisions, and lead a diverse team! Be sure to check back soon as this series is released in the coming weeks ahead! 💸

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We’re uniting our most-passionate educators by forming a national community of Educator Leaders who are committed to empowering the next generation of readers and leaders, solve real classroom challenges, and be a part of the future of ed-tech. Sound like you? Start your application here!


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Best part is, this is just the start. Hold onto your hats – more updates are coming soon!

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