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Empower students to be the "boss" of their own learning

Teachers, sign up for free and unlock engaging reading games to build students' literacy, life, and career skills.

How it works hero image Online learning games for grades 5-9
  • Spend more time teaching and less time planning

    Choose from a library of interactive learning games and wrap-around materials that are ready-to-teach! All content is aligned to Reading Standards and the CASEL framework.

  • Connect literacy skills to real-life applications

    Invite students to be the “boss” in a virtual workplace! Students complete formative assessments and decision-making prompts during their immersive day at work.

  • Spark deep student engagement

    Build friendly competition with our national leaderboard that counts every word read in classrooms around the country!

  • Know where students stand... every step of the way

    Get real-time student data! As students complete formative assessments and decision-making prompts in each learning game, teachers get in-the-moment reports so you know which skills to focus on next!

    Bonus!You can now assess both ELA and SEL skills on the Reports Tab!

Integrate with the tech tools you're already using

  • Clever
  • Google Classroom

Choose how you teach with Read to Lead

Flexible implementation because we know there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all classroom.

  • Independent Work

    Whether you are looking for student choice time or additional skill practice, build in 15-30 minutes daily to your ELA, homeroom, science, specials, or afterschool curricula. Create customized playlists for students to complete or let students choose their own learning adventure!

    15-30 minutes a day

  • Station Rotation

    Students may rotate between small group stations that consist of playing the game, working with you on targeted skill practice, and project-based learning. Use our games, lesson plans, and projects to support each station. Choose games and projects that connect with your current unit of study.

    1-2x per week

  • Future-Ready Friday

    Focus solely on future-ready skills such as workplace readiness, entrepreneurship, career pathway discovery, and SEL through a combination of gameplay, discussions, and student-led projects. Focus on a particular industry within our games or let students choose based on their interests.

    1x per week
    25-30 minutes

Did you know 66% of 8th graders are not proficient readers?

Read to Lead’s holistic model incorporates engaging students with literacy skills practice, social-emotional learning (SEL), and career exploration during this critical middle school moment.

  • English Language Arts Standards

    Your students will read closely to Identify Key Ideas and Details (R.1), Interpret Words and Phrases (R.4), Integrate Content from Diverse Media (R.7), Evaluate Arguments and Claims (R.8), and Analyze and Compare Multiple Texts (R.9)

  • CASEL Competencies

    Your students will learn the five CASEL Competencies including Self Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, and Responsible Decision Making.

Select the series that's right for your classroom

Combat learning loss in your classroom and school

  • Utilize formative assessments and real-time reporting to drive insights into student learning and adapt instruction.

  • Boost engagement and agency as students are put in the driver's seat of their learning.

  • Build authentic connections for students through social and emotional learning as well as real-world application.

Ready to empower the next generation of readers and leaders?


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