Teachers are pretty much the superheroes of society, but even we are human! As much as we try to avoid it, once in a while, we may have to take a sick day or miss our classes for other reasons. When that happens and a substitute teacher takes over, it’s essential to have a plan in place to ensure things go smoothly for them and our students. But creating detailed lesson plans and keeping them up-to-date to have on standby for a substitute teacher for the unexpected sick day takes a lot of work (and time!)

That’s where Read to Lead can lend a hand! Keep reading to find out how Read to Lead can make preparing substitute teacher plans much easier, while saving you time and effort!

Choose from Pre-made Content and Lesson Plans

It can take hours to create comprehensive and detailed lesson plans for a substitute teacher to use in your absence, but let’s be real – we don’t have that kind of time to spare! Luckily, with Read to Lead, you won’t have to worry about investing valuable time and energy into creating lesson plans from scratch.


Read to Lead offers pre-made content and lesson plans designed with teachers like you in mind. Choose what works best for your students and share it with your substitute teacher when the need arises. The comprehensive lesson plans that accompany each Read to Lead game will ensure that your sub is prepared and ready to stand in for you!

Target Specific Learning Skills 

Ensure that your students continue to stay on task and practice skills even when you are away! Read to Lead features a range of learning games that target specific English Language Arts (ELA) skills and Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies, allowing you to assign your students to particular learning games depending on their needs.

Simply filter the games according to the skills or competencies you want your students to practice, and assign the relevant games to students. The substitute teacher will be able to guide students in pre-game and post-game discussions and activities using the detailed lesson plans that accompany each Read to Lead game. The answer keys included with each learning game will also help the substitute teacher with any student queries as they independently complete the gameplay.

Keep Track Of Student Progress, Even When You Aren’t Physically With Them!

Ever had trouble figuring out what your students accomplished while you were gone? Report sheets getting lost in transit, students pranking the sub, or just plain old communication breakdown – none of these will stop you from keeping track of your students’ progress with Read to Lead.

The Read to Lead Reports updates in real-time and records students’ progress and performance as they complete each game, providing detailed insights about each skill. You can also track overall class stats like words read, time spent reading, and leadership decisions on the new Performance Class Report, so you can stay on top of your students’ work even when you aren’t physically with them!

By reviewing the students’ progress and performance within the Teacher Reports, you can see which areas students need extra practice in and pick up exactly where the substitute teacher left off when you return to your class. Way to make transitions easy!

Make It Easy For The Substitute Teacher And The Students

Another benefit of using Read to Lead to create substitute teacher plans? Keeping everything together in one place! No more pesky folders getting lost or student assignments arriving in dribs and drabs. Read to Lead integrates with a variety of learning management systems (LMS) like Google Classroom, Canvas LMS, and Schoology to streamline the entire process of handing over your class to a substitute teacher.

The substitute teacher will appreciate having all the tools they need to run your classes smoothly within a single platform, and students will be able to continue with the regular rhythm of their classes – we’ll bet your students won’t even notice that you’re gone! As a bonus, when you’re back, you won’t have to play catch up because everything will be up to date within your LMS and on the Read to Lead platform! How’s that for simplifying life?

Having a substitute teacher take over your class while you are away can be easy and stress-free with Read to Lead. It’s 100% free for educators and only takes a couple of clicks to get started. Log in here and never worry about creating substitute teacher plans again!

About Read to Lead

Read to Lead uses the power of game-based learning to empower middle school students to build literacy, life, and career skills. Teachers can sign up for a free account to get started!