Teachers deserve a huge thanks for all they do to help develop the future leaders of our country. Teacher Appreciation Week is an excellent time to tell them how much their dedication is valued.

Teachers are accustomed to receiving gifts from parents and students, but what about gifts from other teachers? Here are five clever gifts to give to a fellow teacher or even yourself!


????️ Sticky Notes | $15 via Amazon

Credit: Learning In Hand

What teacher doesn’t love sticky notes? A fun way to bring your sticky notes to the next level is to use a template like this one via “Learning in Hand” blog to print (!) pre-made messages or graphics onto the notes, game-changer!


????️ Label Maker | $30

We all know “that” teacher who is extra organized and has pretty much labeled everything except her students! Step up your game with this easy-to-use label maker so that you can identify all of your teacher tools. Pro Tip: Label your label maker…it will get borrowed!


???? Aluminum Water Bottle | $19 Amazon Prime

In order to be present for students, it’s always important for teachers to take care of their health! Staying hydrated is one way for teachers to do that, so consider purchasing a fun water bottle like this one to help you or your teacher bestie get all the water you need in for the day!


????️ Dry Erase Markers | $17 via Amazon Prime

Credit: Amazon

As teachers come to the end of the year, many are finding their supplies are running low. Dry erase markers have been reduced to sad, dried out sticks this time of year. Make someone’s year buy purchasing a colorful pack of this teacher favorite. Plus, this set comes with extra black markers!


???? Teacher Subscription Box | $35/Month

Who doesn’t like receiving packages in the mail? Consider gifting a subscription box to yourself or your favorite teacher. Subscription boxes are delivered monthly and contain an assortment of products. With this gift, you can look forward to a surprise every month!


Teachers are very special people who deserve so much for their dedication to giving students a quality education. The team at Read to Lead and Classroom Inc. would like to thank educators everywhere for serving students, encouraging curiosity and inspiring students everyday.

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