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Read to Lead is closing its doors December 31, 2022.
While you will no longer be able to access your account after that day,
we hope we have inspired your students to continue reading and leading!

Combat Learning Loss with a Literacy Blitz!

Teachers, download your FREE Literacy Blitz bundle and support students to develop skills like reading comprehension, vocabulary, and social emotional learning.

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Rectangle Online learning games for grades 5-9

Focus on the skills-development your students need most with immersive learning games and resources

Choose one bundle, or do them all…

  • Literacy games

    Reading Comprehension

    Support students to practice analyzing and comparing multiple texts as they take on the role of the ‘boss’ in an immersive day at work.

  • Literacy games

    Vocabulary Acquisition

    Get to work on vocabulary acquisition by using real-world applications to introduce and reinforce vocabulary words across the curriculum.

  • Literacy games

    Social Emotional Learning

    Support students as they navigate their own complex emotions, learn healthy ways to manage stress, and practice self-management skills. *CASEL aligned*

Get the bundle!

Engage students with academically rigorous and immersive reading games

  • Save planning time

    Teachers choose from a library of web-based games and lesson plans that are culturally relevant and standards aligned.

  • Foster literacy and life skills

    Strengthen reading and SEL skills as students use text-based evidence, lead a diverse team, and make decisions.

  • Build student agency

    Put students in charge as they become the “boss” in an authentic virtual workplace and center on real-life application. 

  • Get data you need

    Real-time student insight reports on reading performance and social-emotional growth, give you actionable data to differentiate instruction.

Play 4 games & build a foundation for improved reading achievement

Increased engagement leads to higher achievement. On average, students who use Read to Lead exceed reading expectations by 60%. Who says standards-based learning and student engagement have to be at odds? 

Ready to give your students a Literacy Blitz?

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