You may have heard that Read to Lead is closing its doors on December 31, 2022. We know we are leaving big shoes to fill in 2023. Where else can you find a program that builds literacy, life, career, and SEL skills, with engaging online learning games and comes complete with all the lesson plans, wrap-around curricula, project-based learning, and real-time data reports?

Not to worry. As educators, we look out for each other – so we won’t leave you in the lurch. We’ve curated a list of our favorite resources you can tap into in the coming year!

Meet Your Read To Lead Substitutes

1.Literacy Skill development: Provide opportunities for students to practice targeted literacy skills aligned to Common Core Standards


Improve your students’ reading comprehension once and for all. ReadTheory’s adaptive technology adjusts to assign passages at each student’s “just-right” level. With thousands of standards-aligned formative assessments and real-time reporting, students get routine practice, and teachers know exactly what to teach next. The best part? Teachers can sign up for free!


Finding support solutions for struggling learners is always a challenge, but Read&Write could be the answer. With useful features that help with everyday tasks like reading text out loud, understanding unfamiliar words, researching assignments, and proofing written work, Read&Write is an excellent tool for students at all levels. An additional plus point – it’s free for educators!


If you are looking for access to thousands of high-quality, free K-12 articles, ReadWorks may have the answer. Content, curriculum, and tools that give educators the flexibility to create digital classes, distribute printed materials, and even fuel classroom instruction – ReadWorks has it all.

2. Engagement through Literacy: Help students understand the value of reading


Looking for high-quality resources to engage students in meaningful civic learning? iCivics offers well-written and inventive games, lesson plans, and more that help teachers nurture the next generation of civic-minded students and build the foundation of democracy.


Boost achievement for grades K-8 in math, language arts, science, social studies, and more with BrainPOP. Featuring everything from lesson planning resources to scaffolded lessons that train grammar and vocabulary skills, BrainPOP promotes curiosity-driven learning through educational tools that challenge students.

PBS Learning Media 

Well-known among educators, PBS Learning Media, is a treasure trove of free, standards-aligned videos, interactive resources, lesson plans, and more. Look no further than PBS Learning Media for timely, topical collections designed around learning objectives and tailored to students’ needs!


Media literacy is an important skill for students to have in the 21st century. With Newsela, teachers can access real-world content that is adapted to their students’ levels to bring context and relevance to any ELA classroom. Drive engagement through literacy with amazing instructional content and support tools on Newsela.

3. SEL Skills: Nurture students’ SEL skills aligned to the CASEL framework


Created to address the unique challenges and teaching needs of middle and high school students, Emozi focuses on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum. It helps educators with middle school classroom management, behavior problems, emotional regulation, peer pressure, bullying, and more – setting students up for success both academically and socially.


Support your students in their Social Emotional Learning (SEL) with Peekapak. With a wealth of CASEL-aligned stories, lessons and learning games to choose from, you can easily integrate SEL objectives into any ELA lesson and equip your students with the tools they need to navigate the real world, middle school and beyond!

4. Real World Learning: Expose students to career exploration opportunities and engaging PBL curricula.


Close the gap and accelerate literacy and learning with Beable. Offering a multi-dimensional approach, Beable incorporates differentiation, individualization, and personalization to meet the multiple needs of different students and strengthen the literacy-to-career connection.


Project-based learning is fast becoming a staple in educators’ toolboxes and Educurious makes it that much easier to implement in your classroom. By connecting students to the world through a global network of subject matter experts and mentors, this project-based learning curriculum empowers youth to take charge of their learning. Featuring customizable tools and resources, immersive professional development opportunities, and a vibrant learning community, Educurious is sure to be a hit among teachers and students alike.

5. Marketplace: Search for programs that can be a better fit for your classroom needs


An integrated digital learning platform for K12 schools, Clever boasts one friendly interface for single sign-on, messaging, analytics, and more. Keep track of student progress, organize your classroom, and share updates with parents – all within the same platform.


With so many products, resources, and tools available for educators these days, making decisions about which to purchase can be challenging! Edcuration is a marketplace for PreK-12 educators to discover, compare, evaluate and purchase from a variety of high-quality, cutting-edge offers.


EdTech (education technology) is a fast growing industry but educators are often not in the know about the best and latest products that will ease their classroom woes. EdSurge aims to bridge the gap between educators and innovators in the education space by providing insightful reports on people, ideas and tools shaping the future of learning.

6. Curriculum: Find complete lesson plans to complement your ELA lessons


Videos are a powerful educational tool kids love but finding appropriate ones that don’t have ads is hard. ClassHook solves this problem by playing videos without ads, and detecting and automatically skipping inappropriate language! With this curated video library, you’ll never have to worry about embarrassing moments in class, and increase student engagement, retention, and relevance!

Brain Waves Instruction

Could do with some free lesson plans and teaching tips to make your daily life easier? Brain Waves Instruction delivers all that and more! With lesson plans organized into categories like Literature & Reading, Poetry, and Writing, you’ll be spoiled for choice for your next ELA lesson.

With so many free and paid resources available, we are sure that you will find the perfect substitute(s) for Read to Lead that will make your classroom experience that much better in the new year!

About Read to Lead

Read to Lead uses the power of game-based learning to empower middle school students to build literacy, life, and career skills. Teachers can sign up for a free account to get started!