Testing prep time can feel like a chore and a real drag – not just to middle schoolers, but to teachers too! Why not switch it up? Turn test prep into a time that students enjoy while reviewing important topics and concepts by bringing an element of fun into your classroom! 

Here are some of our favorite ideas to create a game show type of environment, get students out of their seats, or just make learning fun and enjoyable again!

Craft Review Games


Bring the classic game show into your classroom with Test Prep Jeopardy! You may think this game requires lots of pre-class prep work but it can be as simple or intricate as you like. Yes, you’ll need to set up some type of game board using a whiteboard, blackboard, smartboard, GoogleSlides, or Pear Deck but beyond that, it’s up to you. Simply choose categories based on the topics you want to review and have a list of questions and answers for each level of points.

When it’s time to play, divide the class into four teams. Each team member takes a turn to select a category and amount, for example, “Poetry for $400”. If the student answers the question correctly, the team earns points. At the end of the game, tally up the points to determine the winner!


Bring a Carnival element to your classroom with this fun game board. Getting the game board setup requires some prep and crafting, but you can re-use it for years! Use hot glue to stick plastic cups in a grid format on a piece of foam board. Be sure to leave some space between the rims! While the glue is drying, prepare slips of paper with review questions and small prizes. Once the glue is dry, place one slip of paper and a prize into each cup and cover it with a piece of tissue paper. Secure the tissue paper with rubber bands.

To play, ask students to come up one at a time and select a cup. Have them punch through the tissue paper to retrieve the question and prize. To keep the prize, they will have to answer the question correctly. Otherwise, the first student to raise their hand and give the correct answer claims the prize for themselves! (limit 2 per student).

Credit Composition Classroom

Tap into Apps and Digital Platforms


Access a customizable content library to quickly create interactive assessments and engaging quizzes to test students’ knowledge. Motivate students while easing the stress of testing with this enjoyable gamified platform that also gives you real-time data about student performance so you can offer support when needed.


Choose from 100+ million ready-to-play games or create your own on this game-based classroom response system. Kahoot! allows all students to review contents and tests their understanding simultaneously. Project the multiple-choice questions on the screen and have students answer them on their individual devices. With games for every grade in every subject, getting through test prep with your students will be a breeze.

Flip (Formerly Flipgrid)

If your students love sharing videos with each other, they will love Flip! A free app by Microsoft for video discussion and sharing, you can use Flip to get students to review different topics ahead of testing season. By giving them the chance to showcase their creativity, you keep things fun while ensuring students understand the material being reviewed.

Get Students Out of Their Chairs

Pass the Chicken 

Bring a rubber chicken into your classroom for this test-prep game! Arrange your students so they are seated in a circle. Randomly select a student and give them the rubber chicken to pass around the circle. Ask this student a test review question and they will have as long as it takes for the chicken to make its way around the whole circle to answer. If they do not manage to answer in time, they have to sit in the middle of the circle (the chicken coop).

The game continues as you ask different students questions. If they don’t know the answer, they may ask the student(s) in the chicken coop for help. If a student in the chicken coop answers a question correctly, they get to rejoin the circle. Consider creating safety rules with this game, as students can get quite rowdy with the rubber chicken!

Snowball Fight

Recreate a snowball fight inside the classroom! For this game, each student writes three review sentences or questions on individual pieces of paper and then balls up the pieces of paper to create snowballs. Divide students up into smaller groups or teams and have them stand together. 

For the snowball fight, students take turns throwing their snowballs at members of opposing teams. The student who is hit by the snowball has to answer that question correctly to remain in the game. If they answer wrongly, they are out. The game continues until all the snowballs are used up and/or there is only one team left standing. 

Around the World 

Travel the world with test prep with this game! The aim of the game is for a student to travel around the room and arrive back at their seat. Start by having one student stand up next to a seated student. Ask the pair of them a test review question and the one who answers correctly first gets to move up to the next “point on the map” while the other sits down. Continue in this manner until the timer runs out or you complete the list of review questions. The winner is the student who has moved the farthest from their original seat!

Consider incorporating “mandatory layovers” for students who have answered a set number of questions correctly (3-5) in a row by making them sit down to give other students a chance to move.

Test prep time can be a fun and engaging experience for your students with these interactive activities! Looking for more test prep ideas for your middle school students? Check out these resources:


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