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New York City, NY, October 22, 2021

Edtech Non-profit Classroom Inc., Announces Rebrand: Reaffirms Commitment to Innovation

Classroom Inc., an edtech non-profit organization, today announced a rebrand of its name, visual identity, and website to reflect the company’s growth, evolution, and mission. 

As the organization continues to scale its impact and innovate, they have officially changed their name from Classroom, Inc. to Read to Lead. “Read to Lead” has historically been the name of the organization’s suite of learning games while Classroom Inc. represented the nonprofit’s corporate identity.  

“Having one name better encapsulates our mission, vision, and approach to learning and is how educators and students already know us. Thanks to the generosity of our donors and partners, thousands of teachers across the country are using Read to Lead to empower middle school students to develop literacy, life, and career skills,” said Christina Oliver, Executive Director.

When Lewis W. Bernard founded the organization in 1992, he did so with the belief that students would thrive if they were able to make authentic connections between school and career – a belief shared by Read to Lead’s dedicated supporters. The learning model immerses middle school students in virtual workplaces where they become the boss and must apply reading, writing, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills to make real-world decisions. 

As we help middle schoolers connect the dots between school and their future careers, the Read to Lead name will contribute to helping them realize their fullest potential,” said Christina. 

For more information visit Tax deductible contributions and donations can now be made to “Read to Lead, Inc.” rather than “Classroom, Inc.”


About Read to Lead

Read to Lead uses the power of game-based learning to empower middle school students to build literacy, life, and career skills. Teachers can sign up for a free account to get started!