New features for teachers

New year, new product features to help you do what you do best – teach! 

Over the last semester we’ve been hard at work taking your feedback and ideas to make Read to Lead even more impactful for your class. 

So what’s new?

Curated Playlists to Keep Students Engaged 


Super-charge student engagement with new curated playlists that target different literacy skills practice ranging from Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Development to Social Emotional Learning. Best part? New curated Playlists are dropped every few months to help you teach timely topics like Bullying Prevention Month and National Career Development Month too! Need a jump-start to getting started with Read to Lead? Jump into a Playlist and assign it to your class. 

Pro tip: Planning for substitute teacher days? Simply assign your class a Playlist, and point your Sub to the premade wrap-around curricula including lesson plans, discussion questions, and more. You’ll be able to track student progress from afar on the new Performance Reports! (Read on to learn more about that!)

Teach the Skills Your Students Need Most 


You can now search the learning game library by Reading Standard, SEL Competency, Lexile Range, or Grade Level! Find the learning games and wrap around materials you want to teach and assign the material right from the library! 

No matter which learning game is chosen, students will be reading approximately 3,000-5,000 words, making around 7 leadership decisions, and reflecting on those decisions through metacognitive prompts and a written reflection.  

Pro tip: With standardized testing season around the corner, focus on the Reading Standards your class needs to practice most. Do a learning-game blitz where you incorporate 15-20 minutes of independent game-play in the beginning of each class or as an early-finisher activity!

Know Where Each Student Stands


The new Performance Report is here and it is the first of its kind. For the first time ever, you will be able to assess not only English Language Arts (ELA) skills, but also Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skills. Easily toggle between the two views and choose to Save the Report as a PDF, Print, or Email as well. 

The gradebook feature also allows you to see how each student performed, and where they need more practice. View the class overview, or drill down to each individual student for a more detailed view.

Pro tip: Use the Performance Report to know where to focus in small-group settings or during Station Rotation. Easily identify trends and areas to go deeper with students. 

Know What Skills to Teach Next 


Teachers are busy, so we’re trying to make life just a little easier. The new Recommendation feature populates the learning games your students should play next based on their past performance on the platform– taking the guess-work out of deciding what to teach next. 

Pro tip: Use this feature to assign additional learning games related to the skills your students need more practice with. This is a great extra credit or early-finisher activity to deepen learning where students need it most.

Best part is, these updates are just the start. We’re dedicated to helping you empower the next generation of readers and leaders. More updates are coming soon! (Rumor has it… there is a new learning game series cooking… and the theme is timely– Pharmacy!) 

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