Digital Learning Day was founded in 2011 by the Alliance for Excellent Education (All4Ed) to celebrate innovative teachers and improve learning experiences for students across the globe.

This year, however, February 25th (Digital Learning Day), could be just another day because let’s face it…we’ve all been teaching digitally since March of last year. 

To help you make February 25th not another “digital learning day”, we compiled  some of our favorite ways to celebrate Digital Learning day with your students. What are your go-tos? Tell us in the comments below! 


Swap out a traditional worksheet with a student-based assignment on Quizizz. This platform allows you to choose from millions of teacher-created quizzes, or you can create your own! They also offer flashcard challenges to have your students test their knowledge. Quizizz allows students to work at their own pace, where you can watch their progress along the way to help monitor.

All About a Topic

Have you tried topic-based learning with your class? Topic-based learning is the emphasis in language learning on a single subject, topic or theme. We find it a great way to expand upon a previous lesson! Trying to figure out how to incorporate topic-based learning? Challenge your students to create a digital presentation filled with text, images, and design elements all centered around a single topic. You can assign one topic to each student, one topic for the entire class, set them up in groups, or let students choose themselves. Doing this will allow your students to build digital communication skills and explore their creativity.

The Million Words Read Challenge

This list wouldn’t be complete without our favorite challenge of the year. Our game-based challenge encourages students to read, plus rewards them with prizes for doing so! The challenge is a win-win activity that not only allows students an opportunity to read up to 5,000 words per game but also provides goals and motivates them to become a Read to Lead ‘Millionaire’. If you haven’t already, accept the challenge and sign up for free today:

In 2021 especially, it’s hard to remember a time when Ed Tech was not at the forefront of your student’s curriculum. Just ten years ago, that was the case, but today digital learning has has become a reliable resource for educators and an incredible opportunity for students to learn and grow from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection!

Join us in celebrating Ten Years of Digital Learning Day with three Ed Tech activities that you can easily incorporate into your student’s curriculum. Let us know if you try any of these with your class!

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