Juneteenth is a day of historical significance.  However, some Americans are only recently learning about this important historical event due to the lack of a holistic curriculum available in some schools around Black history. For others, this is a day they celebrate with their families and friends and rejoice in the day that enslaved Americans were finally free.

We need to ensure that every generation knows the historical legacy of Juneteenth and how it informs the ongoing movement for racial justice and equality. Awareness and knowledge all begin with a simple first step: READING!

Check out our newest Choice Board filled with activities and lessons you can use with your class to teach about the significance of Juneteenth. Pick one or do them all. The choice is yours! 

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Activity 1: Search for your vocabulary word of the day

Use this word search game to introduce and pre-teach vocabulary terms for Juneteenth. Pro tip: The first word your students see can be the vocabulary word for the day!

Activity 2: Read about the history of Juneteenth

Give students this reading comprehension lesson that uses informative and historical texts. 

Activity 3: Discuss and debate current events 

Spark deep discussion and reflection with your students with a current events debate question.

Activity 4: Create a Public Service Announcement 

Inspire action within your students. Allow students to create a public service announcement to educate others about the significance of Juneteenth.

Activity 5: Lead a diverse team in a Read to Lead game

Sign up for free or log in, and assign your class learning game, Unconcious Bias. As the boss, students will learn how to identify and address when a person, whether a friend or colleague, mistreats others based on an unconscious bias.

Activity 6: Watch diverse leaders in the spotlight

Pull up a chair, grab some popcorn, and listen to the journey of any of our guests on Read to Lead: Live! our student-friendly webinar series that gives students a front-row seat into career exploration. 

Activity 7:  Celebrate Juneteenth with your community

Hold class presentations, and give your students a platform to share what they learned with the community.

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