National Careers Week

What do you want to be when you grow up? We ask students this question starting from a very young age, and the truth is they may not be able to answer yet. How could they? They don’t know their options, what they’re passionate about, and what the road to success looks like. 

As educators, we can help students explore options before they have to start deciding on diploma paths. We can help them increase awareness in their self-discovery and education. 

National Careers Week is March 1 – 6th this year, and we’re here to help you boost career readiness for your students. Here’s what to do with your class!




Engage students in an immersive work-day experience. 

Engage students in deep career exploration and social-emotional learning experiences through immersive gameplay with the Community in Crisis learning game. 

You’ll want to create a free Read to Lead account if you don’t already have one! See the lesson plan here.

Students take on the role of the “boss” as they read closely, think critically, lead a diverse team, and solve complex problems — all within the immersive context of a day at work. 

Play Community in Crisis game 12: Come Together

Answer key


Engage students in healthy debate.

Practice skills like listening, speaking clearly, and being respectful of all opinions by hosting a debate based on yesterday’s immersive work-day. 

Use this debate guide to center the discussion!

Tech Tip: You can post the debate in Google Classroom and allow students to comment on each other’s responses using conversation starters!


Give students a front-row seat into career exploration.

Grab the popcorn and watch an on-demand Read to Lead: Live! session where students will get an inside look into the leadership journey of passionate professionals around the country and learn about different careers across multiple disciplines and industries. 

If you thought the on-demand session was powerful, you have to catch a LIVE session! Sign up for the next one on March 12th here!


Spark deep class discussion.

Read to Lead: Live! always seems to spark deep questions and reflections for students about their passions, desires, challenges, and future. 

Use this discussion guide to spark deep discussion and reflection with your students!


Connect literacy to career readiness.

We know reading unlocks all other learning. Since your students have already played one Read to Lead game, each student has read 5K words!

Help students reach one million words read by joining the Million Words Read Challenge

When your class reaches Millionaire status (collectively), we send you student prize packs and a gift card to celebrate this achievement with your class!

Check the leaderboard to see where your class stands!

And that’s a wrap! We hope your students leave this week feeling inspired, encouraged, and most of all confident in what’s next in their self-discovery and career journey.


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