For many students, Response to Intervention (RTI) is necessary for them to achieve independence and success in their learning, but there is often a certain stigma associated with needing extra help. Read to Lead eliminates that stigma. 

By eliminating the stigma of being a “struggling reader,” Read to Lead boosts students’ motivation, accountability, and allows each student to move at their own pace. Our structured, audio-supported platform keeps students engaged, on-task, and challenged. 

Ready to develop a Response to Intervention practice that works for students with diverse learning needs? You’re in the right place. 

Read on to find out how to use Read to Lead for reading intervention in your classroom!

Go Deeper with Reading Comprehension

Ever tried to run comprehension exercises with your class, only to find that while some kids were comfortable discussing metaphors and implied meanings, others were struggling to understand certain words in the text? Read to Lead takes care of that for you!

The learning games on the platform are designed to respond to the students’ performance, meeting each student at their own level. Read to Lead employs adaptive technology that modifies assessments based on students’ performance within the platform, and the Read Aloud feature provides an additional level of support for struggling readers. For English Language Learners (ELL), the Translator feature is another useful tool that provides translations to over 100 languages.

Get the Student Data You Need

Students’ progress and performance is recorded in the teacher dashboard, allowing you to immediately assess their progress and see where they stand. This also gives you the chance to introduce additional differentiation in your teaching, and provide more support to students who need it. Since the learning games are leveled according to the students’ individual performance, knowing where each student stands is critical. That’s why we’re launching a few new features this fall! 

Start getting deep reporting insights on each skill, organized by the support level needed. See overall class stats like words read, time spent reading, and leadership decisions on the new Performance Class Report!

Know Exactly What to Teach Next

Once your students have played a game, you can use the new game recommendations feature to easily assign the next learning game and provide deeper practice on the skills your students need most. Each Read to Lead game provides students with the opportunity to practice specific literacy skills tied to Common Core Standards (CCSS). By reviewing the students’ progress and performance within the teacher dashboard, you can see which areas students need extra practice in, and have the option to assign them games based on the skills you want your students to improve.

Develop Stronger Vocabulary Acquisition Skills 

Real-life context helps students remember new words by connecting them with their existing knowledge, and repetition deepens their understanding. Read to Lead draws on real-world applications to introduce and reinforce vocabulary words across the curriculum. For example, when students play one of the learning games from Vital Signs, they learn new vocabulary related to the medical context. As they work through the series, they encounter these words repeatedly, cementing them in their long-term memory. The fun they have playing learning games to strengthen their vocabulary acquisition skills is just a bonus!

Foster Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Skills 

Students who need reading intervention may also struggle with social and emotional skills. Read to Lead’s learning games are also an excellent tool to support students as they navigate their own complex emotions, learn healthy ways to manage stress, and practice self-management skills. 

Created in alignment with the CASEL framework, Read to Lead guides students in developing skills across five areas of social and emotional competence. As they build literacy and leadership skills, students are empowered to also build life skills.

Here’s the best part… Read to Lead is FREE for educators! Sign up today to start empowering your readers with the skills they need to be successful in life after school. Have questions? Email us or set up a 1:1 demonstration to get started!

About Read to Lead

Read to Lead uses the power of game-based learning to empower middle school students to build literacy, life, and career skills. Teachers can sign up for a free account to get started!